Links to other sites

Alex Omar Garcia
An artist from Canutillo, Texas, with two great websites: AlexGarciaFineArt, featuring his own work, and, a broad compendium of artists who break eggs for art and descriptions of how they do it.

Art Rosenbaum
Artist, musician, folklorist, author, teacher.

David Sandlin
Pricks, breasts, and beasties with a hearty dose of Southern Baptist/Northern Irish angst.

Dennis Harper Picture Gallery Blog
My visual weblog, now long out of date. Who blogs any more? Follow me instead on Facebook, Instagram (dphau), or the very occasional Twitter tweet.

Dennis Lee Harper
Another artist named Dennis Harper.

Georgia Museum of Art
My former 8-5 and home to many fine works of art.

Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art
My current 7:45-4:45. Also home to many fine works of art.

Kremer Pigments
Natural Pigments
Four sources for pigments and other raw materials.

Carl Martin Photography
Carl’s site for his photographic work.

My Metal Hand: Art by JTO
Graphics and illustrations by Athens, GA artist Jeff Owens

Public Illumination Magazine
Dr. Zagreus Bowery, formerly of NYC and now living in the hills of Umbria, publishes this tiny magazine of pseudonymously produced art and literature.

Scherer & Ouporov
Collaborating artists Suzanne Scherer and Pavel Ouporov wield Eastern and Western European old master technique with contemporary conceptual purpose.

Society of Tempera Painters
Everything you would ever want to know about the medium.

Tim Lowly
A painter in Chicago, with an extensive links page “somewhat biased towards conceptually engaged representational painting.”